Executive Committee Terms of Reference


The Canadian Nephrology Trials Network Executive Committee/Réseau canadien d'essais cliniques en néphrologie,  was established to review and provide feedback to investigators on their proposed trials, and subsequently to facilitate the conduct of multi-center clinical trials in nephrology.

This Committee is comprised of Canadian experts in randomized trial methodology and conduct. They can provide feedback to investigators at any stage of the trial proposal, offering suggestions on how to improve the methodology with the goal of increasing success of peer-reviewed funding. In addition, this Committee has developed a network of participating clinical trial sites that can be contacted by investigators for patient recruitment.

The committee offers three types of support to investigators:

  • Brief review by one committee member with feedback
  • Formal review by 2 reviewers and discussion with entire committee, with potential for Letter of Endorsement that can be sent to funding agencies
  • Facilitation of sites for multi-centre trials


  • To review and evaluate clinical trial proposals;
  • To recommend to the CNTN/RCEN Executive Group which trials should receive CANN-NET support or endorsement;
  • To develop and implement clinical trial review criteria and mechanism;
  • To assist and guide in the design of nephrology clinical trials including those trials which address the Knowledge User Group priorities, ensuring a focus on patient centered outcomes; and
  • To facilitate enrolment in multi-centre clinical trials
  • To liaise with CANN-NET the Knowledge Users Group and CSN Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee to develop clinical trial priorities. 


  • CNTN/RCEN Executive Chair
  • CNTN/RCEN Scientific Committee Chair
  • CNTN/RCEN Scientific Committee Deputy Chair
  • CANN-NET Clinical Trial Executive Chair
  • CANN-NET Clinical Trial Scientific Committee Chair
  • CANN-NET Clinical Trial Scientific Committee Deputy Chair
  • Members – at least six leading researchers with expertise in randomized clinical trials and prospective studies
  • CANN-NET Chair (ex officio – non-voting)
  • CANN-NET Project Manager (ex officio – non-voting)


  • The Committee meets via online meetings, teleconference, email and other available technology
  • If the budget permits, the Committee may meet face-to-face ideally in conjunction with other meetings
  • Minutes shall be kept for all meetings as a record of discussion and action steps