As a network, we want to showcase the work being done by our members. Listed below are recent publications by some of our network members in chronological order. If you have a publication you want to be posted, please send the title and first author to Alicia ( These publications will also be highlighted in our quarterly newsletter.

Frailty and the Kidney Transplant Wait List: Protocol for a Multicenter Prospective Study

Can J Kidney Health Dis., 10 Sep 2020
Karthik K. Tennankore (CNTN Scientific Operations and Executive Committees co-chair),  Lakshman Gunaratnam, Rita S. Suri (CNTN Scientific Operations and Executive Committees member), Seychelle YohannaMichael WalshNavdeep TangriBhanu Prasad (CNTN Communications and Engagement Committee member)Nessa GoganKenneth RockwoodSteve DoucetteLaura SillsBryce KiberdTammy Keough-RyanKenneth WestAmanda Vinson

Feasibility Study of a Randomized Controlled Trial Investigating Renal Denervation as a Possible Treatment Option in Patients With Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome

Can J Kidney Health Dis., 26 Aug 2020

Bhanu Prasad (Communications and Engagement committee member), Maryam Jafari, Kaval Kour, Kunal Goyal, Francisco Garcia

Nephrologist views regarding cannabinoid use in advanced chronic kidney disease and dialysis: a survey

J Pain Symptom Manage., 14Aug2020

David Collister (Scientific Operations and Executive committee member),  Karthik Tennankore (Scientific Operations and Executive committee member), Sara N. Davison, Ron Wald, Christian Rabbat, Michael Walsh

Barriers to home hemodialysis across Saskatchewan, Canada: A cross-sectional survey of in-centre hemodialysis patients

Can J Kidney Health Dis., 10Aug2020

Lucas Diebel, Maryam Jafari, Sachin Shah, Christine Day, Connie McNaught, Bhanu Prasad (Communications and Engagement committee member)

A cluster randomized controlled trial for the Evaluation of routinely Measured PATient reported outcomes in HemodialYsis care (EMPATHY): a study protocol

BMC Health Serv Res., 10 Aug 2020

Jeffrey A JohnsonFatima Al SayahRobert BuzinskiBonnie CorradettiSara N DavisonMeghan J ElliottScott KlarenbachBraden MannsKara Schick-MakaroffHilary ShortChandra Thomas, Michael Walsh

Canadian Society of Nephrology Commentary on the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes 2017 Clinical Practice Guideline Update for the Diagnosis, Evaluation, Prevention, and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder

Can J Kidney Health Dis., 04 Aug 2020

Rachel M. Holden, Reem A. Mustafa, R. Todd Alexander, Marisa Battistella, Micheli U. Bevilacqua, Greg Knoll, Fabrice Mac-Way, Martina Resilerova, Ron Wald, Philip D. Acott, Patrick Feltmate, Allan Grill, Kailash K. Jindal, Meena Karsanji, Bryce A. Kiberd, Sara Mahdavi, Kallee McCarron, Amber O. Molnar (CNTN Communications and Engagement Committee co-chair), Maury Pinsk, Celia Rodd, Steven D. Soroka, Amanda J. Vinson, Deborah Zimmerman, Catherine M. Clase (CNTN Scientific Operations Committee member)

Timing of Initiation of Renal-Replacement Therapy in Acute Kidney Injury

N Engl J Med, 16 Jul 2020

Sean M BagshawRon WaldNeill K J AdhikariRinaldo BellomoBruno R da CostaDidier DreyfussBin DuMartin P GallagherStéphane Gaudry, Eric A HosteFrançois LamontagneMichael JoannidisGiovanni LandoniKathleen D LiuDaniel F McAuleyShay P McGuinnessJavier A NeyraAlistair D NicholMarlies OstermannPaul M PalevskyVille PettiläJean-Pierre QuenotHaibo QiuBram RochwergAntoine G SchneiderOrla M SmithFernando ThoméKevin E ThorpeSuvi VaaraMatthew WeirAmanda Y WangPaul YoungAlexander Zarbock, STARRT-AKI InvestigatorsCanadian Critical Care Trials Group, the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group, the United Kingdom Critical Care Research Group, the Canadian Nephrology Trials Network, and the Irish Critical Care Trials Group.

Economic Benefits of Switching From Intravenous to Subcutaneous Epoetin Alfa for the Management of Anemia in Hemodialysis Patients

Can J Kidney Health Dis., 04 Jun 2020

Bhanu Prasad (Communications and Engagement Committee member), Maryam Jafari, Julie Toppings, Linda Gross, Joanne Kappel, Flora Au

Frequency, Timing, and Prediction of Major Bleeding Complications From Percutaneous Renal Biopsy

Can J Kidney Health Dis., 25 May 2020

Melissa Schoor (Capacity Building Committee member), Pavel S Roshanov, Matthew A Weir, Andrew A House

The Burden of Frailty on Mood, Cognition, Quality of Life, and Level of Independence in Patients on Hemodialysis: Regina Hemodialysis Frailty Study

Can J Kidney Health Dis., 02 May 2020

Maryam Jafari, Kaval Kour, Shelley Giebel, Idunnu Omisore, Bhanu Prasad (Communications and Engagement Committee member)

Plasma Exchange and Glucocorticoids in Severe ANCA-Associated Vasculitis

N Engl J Med., 13 Feb 2020 Feb

Michael Walsh, Peter A Merkel, Chen-Au Peh, Wladimir M Szpirt, Xavier Puéchal, Shouichi FujimotoCarmel M HawleyNader KhalidiOliver FloßmannRon WaldLouis P GirardAdeera LevinGina GregoriniLorraine HarperWilliam F ClarkChristian PagnouxUlrich SpecksLucy SmythVladimir TesarToshiko Ito-IharaJanak Rashme de ZoysaWojciech SzczeklikLuis Felipe Flores-SuárezSimon CaretteLoïc GuillevinCharles D PuseyAlina L CasianBiljana BrezinaAndrea MazzettiCarol A McAlearElizabeth BroadhurstDonna ReidlingerSamir MehtaNatalie IvesDavid R W JaynePEXIVAS Investigators