Patient as Investigators webinars

A 3-part series of webinars was delivered this Spring as part of the Capacity Building committee’s commitment to encourage patient to bring their research ideas to CNTN meetings. The 3 webinar topics included:

  1. What is research? – Offered an overview of what the term research means, the different types of studies and why patients should come up with research questions
  2. How to develop a research question – Offered a collection of tips to help patient partners better define their idea
  3. Presenting an idea – Offered tips on how to write an elevator pitch and what presenting the research idea at a CNTN meeting would require

These webinars are available for viewing below. If you are a patient partners with a research idea that you would like to propose to the network, please email it to Alicia at

Webinar #1 – What is research?

Webinar #2 – How to develop a research question

Webinar #3 – Presenting an idea